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Simon Jameson
7 Min Read

The question is what type of muscle? Muscle Fibers: A special kind of cardiac muscle cells that contract in coordination with other muscles to produce force and speed up the heart. They’re found mostly in your shoulder, arm, back, thighs and calves. Fast twitch fibers:…

Simon Jameson
6 Min Read

Plantera is an online adventure game developed by Magical Time Bean. In the game, players are tasked with planting and nurturing trees to collect plants that they can trade or use in crafting items which will help them on their journey through the forest. Plantera…

Simon Jameson
4 Min Read

Guesstures is a new way to communicate in multiplayer games. The twist? Players don’t have to use their hands, so it’s ideal for people with disabilities or those who can’t physically move and speak at the same time. Guessture creators say the system will be…