In the Nintendo 64’s first full-fledged 3D Mario game, Super Mario 64 DS, Waluigi is a non-playable character who was originally intended to be playable. The reason for his exclusion from being playable in the original remains unknown and debated by fans of both franchises. In this article I will delve into how he became an antagonist and what it would mean if he were allowed to become a protagonist in future games

The “super mario 64 ds waluigi painting” is a question that has been asked for years. Waluigi was confirmed to be playable in the game, but it’s not clear if he can be played as.

Can you play as Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS? |

Waluigi is a character in Super Mario 64 DS. Similarly to the reports of an unlocked Luigi in Super Mario 64, rumors of an unlockable Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS arose. These stories were extremely prevalent for a time, due to bogus leaks and doctored photographs, albeit not nearly as popular as “L is genuine.”

Also, where can you find Wario in Super Mario 64 DS?

Look behind the Wario picture in the mirrorroom on the second level of the castle to find Mario’s big-boned yellow doppelganger. The final character you can unlock is Wario.

Similarly, in Mario Kart DS, how do you get Waluigi? To unlock Waluigi, you must win a Gold trophy in all cups of the Retro Grand Prix in the 100cc class. To modify the ending sequence, win all gold trophies in all cups and classes. For a star to display next to your name in Multiplayer mode and on the “Records”screen, you must win all cups in all classes with a 1 Star or higher rating.

How many stars does Super Mario 64 DS have in this manner?


Where are Mario 64’s Dire Dire Docks?

The ninth course in Super Mario 64 and its DS counterpart is Dire, Dire Docks. The course is accessed by the Big Star Door, which is located to the left of Mushroom Castle’s mainbasement chamber. To open the door, you’ll need thirty Power Stars.

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In Super Mario 64 DS, how do you open the center door?


  1. Ensure that the first Bowser has been defeated.
  2. Unlock the basement entrance and go to the large door with the star on it.
  3. Enter through the blue portal.
  4. The gateway will travel back if you get the first star from there.
  5. Jump into the newly disclosed hole.
  6. There will be a spiral thing in the end.

In Super Mario 64, how can you eliminate boos?

You must ground pound Boos to beat them (jumpover them and hit while in the air). Then enter Big Boo’s Haunt by walking inside the cage.

On Mario 64 DS, how do you unlock Mario?


  1. To unlock Mario, play as Yoshi and attempt to get at least 8 stars; if certain stars, such as “Mario Wings To The Sky,” are tough to acquire, skip them and continue on to the next level.
  2. Go to the upper-right corner and enter the door there once you have 8 stars.
  3. Enter the room via the basic door.

In the Fire Sea, how do you defeat Bowser?

To gain the key to the basement, you must have 31 stars and have defeated Bowser in the Dark World to access the Fire Sea. Dire Docks will be blocking the entrance to the Fire Sea when you first travel through the Star Door in the basement, the entrance to Dire.

How do you get Luigi unlocked?

In Super Smash Bros., this is the easiest method to get Luigi. Progressing through the game’s Classic mode is the ultimate goal. Classic mode allows players to choose an unlocked character and engage in a series of encounters with them, culminating in a boss battle.

In Super Mario 64, how do you acquire the key?

If you defeat Goomboss, you will get a key to Mario’s room, allowing you to access him. The door with the huge star may be accessed after obtaining 8 stars in Super Mario 64 (12 are necessary in Super Mario 64 DS). You can only access the chamber if you have Mario on the DS version. After that, any character may enter.

Is the DS version of Super Mario 64 the same as the original?

Super Mario 64 DS is a Nintendo DS game. Super Mario 64 DS is a 2004 Nintendo DS platform video game that was developed and released by Nintendo. It was the DS’s first Mario game and was released as a launch title. In 2016, the Wii U’s Virtual Console rereleased Super Mario 64 DS.

Mario 64 is how old is it?

Super Mario 64 is a 1996 Nintendo 64 platform video game that is the first in the Super Mario franchise to offer three-dimensional (3D) action. The player takes on the role of Mario and explores Princess Peach’s castle, rescuing her from Bowser.

When did Mario 64 DS come out?

23rd of June, 1996

In Mario 64 DS, where is Luigi?


  • Mario has been unlocked. To acquire Luigi, you must already have Mario unlocked.
  • Big Boo’s Haunt is where you’ll find yourself. Head to the castle’s courtyard as Mario.
  • Ascend to the mansion’s second floor.
  • Make your way to the top of the stairs.
  • Take a look at Luigi’s portrait.

Super Mario 64 DS is one of the most popular Nintendo DS games.

The video game “Super Mario 64 DS” is the tenth best-selling Nintendo DS title (11.06 millioncopies sold). New Super Mario Bros., Nintendogs (all versions), Mario Kart DS, Brain Age, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon Blackand White, Brain Age 2, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Super Mario 64 DS are the top ten best-selling Nintendo DS video games.

To beat Super Mario 64, how many stars do you need?

70 out of 100 possible stars

On Mario Brothers DS, how do you go to World 4?


  1. In World 2, go to the last castle level. The desertworld is the second world.
  2. Get yourself a mini-mushroom. The mini-mushroom may be found at the conclusion of the castle level.
  3. As Mini-Mario, get to the conclusion of the level. Later in the level, there is another power-up.
  4. As Mini-Mario, defeat the worm.

In Super Mario 64 DS, where are all the hidden stars?

Castle’s Hidden Stars

  • Sunshine Isles is the first star.
  • Star Two & Star Three — The Princess’s SecretSlide.
  • The Secret Aquarium is the fourth star.
  • Castle Courtyard is the fifth star.
  • Star Six & Star Seven — Goomboss Battle.
  • Star Eight & Star Nine — Big Boo Battle.
  • The Battle Fort’s Secret (Star 10)
  • Star Eleven & Star Twelve — Bowser in the DarkWorld.

What is the total number of minigames in Super Mario 64 DS?

There are 36 minigames total.

Is Waluigi available in Mario Kart 7?

Waluigi is playable once you get it back. “Come out and obtain eternallife,” the Lord replied to John.

In Mario Kart DS, who is Rob?

In Mario Kart DS, R.O.B. is also the last unlockable character. Players must win the Mirror Special Cup in order to unlock R.O.B. He is one of the game’s heaviest characters, only being outweighed by Bowser. The purple NES D-Pad is R.O.B’s emblem.

how to get wario in mario 64 ds” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer is yes, you can play as Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What characters can you play as in Super Mario 64 DS?

A: Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi.

Why is Wario in Mario 64 DS?

A: Wario was originally meant to be in the game, but Nintendo decided against it for unknown reasons.

Can you play as Peach in Super Mario 64 DS?

A: Since Super Mario 64 DS is a Nintendo 3DS game, its not possible to play as Peach in that version of the game.

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