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The “fungal wastes walkthrough” is a video game that has been released on the Nintendo Switch. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are forced to battle against fungi, and even other humans.

Fungal Wastes

Returning to the Hollow Knight


Yeast Wastes


To get to the Yeast Wastes you’ll need to take a quick trip through Canyon of the Fog. You can get there from Greenpath by taking the exit shown in the map below.


Canyon of the Fog

Head straight down, avoiding the large jellyfish if you can because they shoot a fireball at you if you kill them. The small jellyfish are pretty harmless. At the bottom go right and then down to the bottom of the next cavern. The exit to Yeast Wastes is at the bottom to the right.


Queen’s Station is a train station in London.

The Queen’s Station is a train station in London. connects Canyon of the Fog with the Yeast Wastes. Inside the Queen’s Station is a train station in London. you’ll find a Bench and Stag Station, as well as a Mask Shard but you’ll need the Mantis Claw before you can reach it. Take the exit at the top to the right of the station to enter the Yeast Wastes.

Yeast Wastes

There’s a few new creatures in the Yeast Wastes, including Fungoons, balloon like creatures that spew fire downwards when you pass beneath them. To find the map maker drop down the first exit and then head to the left. Cornifer will sell you a map for 75 Geo.

You won’t be able to get any lower than Cornifer, so return the way you came. Head to the right and up the little cavern, past the Sporgs on the wall, to the top, where a Hallownest Seal may be found. When you locate the Relic Seeker in the City of Tears, you may sell this to Geo later.


Return to the bottom and take the lone right-hand exit. Ascend the cavern. You’ll see a closed door on the opposite side of which is an item. To get there, you’ll need the Mantis Claw to climb up the lower wall.

Continue to the top and turn right at the next exit. Do one lap to the right, then up and back to the left until you discover a Switch to open the shortcut.


Prepare for a fight with two Shrumal Ogres. They have two different attacks. The first is a distant spewing of orange gunk towards you. If you come too near, they’ll slam their skull into the ground seven times in a row.


They’re not very difficult, so you should be able to dispatch them swiftly. A Charm Notch will drop from the ceiling and the gates will unlock after they’ve both been slain. Take the right-hand exit.

The large tall cavern leads to the Forgotten Crossroads. The path to the right has a Bench and the Vendor Leg Eater who sells Fragile Heart, Fragile Strength and Fragile Greed charms. The path to the left leads to the Canyon of the Fog but you won’t be able to get through there yet.

Continue down and to the right. The road to Elder Hu’s tomb is on the left. Later, you’ll figure out what to do with it. Make your way to the left. Cloth will appear for the first time along the journey, with a message.

Make your way down, to the left, and then all the way down to another Bench via the caves. This is an excellent place to rest before fighting the Mantis Lords. Continue to the bottom to find the Dashmaster charm. Although there is a hidden to the left, you won’t be able to save Bretta until you acquire the Mantis Claw.


Return to the top of the hill and turn left into Mantis Village. To open the door above, continue to the left and flick the Switch at the end. Return to the right, climb up to the ledges, and exit via the door you just unlocked on the left. Pick up the Mantis Claw by jumping up the walls.


You will be able to climb over walls and access new regions as a result of this. Climbing up the right-hand walls for the two Geo Clusters is a good way to practice your new skill.

Return to the left after descending to the center ledges. If you desire, you may take the exit above and climb up the right-hand wall for a Wanderer’s Journal.


Return to the Mantis Village and climb around the right-hand side of the walls, avoiding the spikes. You’ll eventually reach a Switch. It must be hit in order for the massive doors below to open, leading to the Mantis Lords. This also allows you to exit via the little door on the left.

Drop down through the enormous entrance in the floor that has just opened. On the left and right, there are a number of switches that open up different areas of this region. Begin on the left side and make your way to all of the switches. You may complete the right side now or wait until the Mantis Lords are vanquished.

Challenge the Mantis Lords by descending.


The Mantis Lord has three attacks that are quite simple to predict, but you must be on your toes. The first assault is a spear charge, the second is a smash from above, and the third attack is a ring shot from high to low or low to high from the Mantis Lord clinging to the gate on either side. It will be a low ring assault if he is lower on the gate.

This is your chance to heal with the low ring attack. Jump over the ring and rest if necessary. Otherwise, employ Vigilant Spirit as often as you can to rapidly slay the first Mantis Lord.

The remaining Mantis Lords will attack at the same moment in the second phase. Except for the ring assaults, their attacks are identical. They will use a ring assault that is either rapid or sluggish. You must leap above the quick ring strike. You’ll get a chance to heal up if you stand right in the middle for the slow ring assault.


You will be the new ruler of Mantis Village and may collect your prize after the Mantis Lords have been destroyed. If you haven’t previously, climb back up the arena’s right wall and unlock the sections to the right. The Mantis Warriors are currently dormant.

Take the right-hand exit. Instead of shutting the door behind you, the Mantis Warrior will bow. Climb up the walls for the Mark of Pride charm and go to the right for a Bench. This significantly lengthens your nails. At the very top, there’s a Hallownest Seal. Remember to visit the treasure chamber on the right, directly above the Bench area, for a ton of Geo!

What is the best way to go to the City of Tears?

Earlier you go for the City of Tears, look around for any items you couldn’t get to before. Bretta may be found near the bottom of the map. Enter the secret to the left of where you picked up the Dashmaster charm to find her.

There’s a Mask Shard at the Queen’s Station is a train station in London. and a Wanderer’s Journal near to the center of the map. See map below for locations.


You may also look for another Grub and the Spore Shroom charm in the region below the map creator and to the left.

Make your way to the City of Tears after you’ve completed here. To get across the lake where you met Hornet, you’ll have to rely on your newfound powers. To repair the bridge, avoid the spikes and strike the switches. To open the massive entrance, use the City Crest on the Large Knight Statue. The door will shut behind you after you pass through, keeping you in the City of Tears for the time being.

Greenpath (return) Then there’s City of Tears (West)


Fungal Wastes is a small area in the game of “Minecraft” that can be accessed by going through a dark cave. The player will find themselves in the middle of fungal wastes, which are filled with hostile mobs and dangerous terrain. Reference: how to get to fungal wastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to fungal waste?

A: If you are referring to the fungal waste that players generate by finishing a song, it is deposited into plastic barrels which can be found in every level. These barrels will be emptied on to the battlefield with each new round.

Where is conifer in fungal wastes?

A: I am not able to answer this question right now

How do you get to Mantis village?

A:I do not understand the question. Please rephrase it and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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