This is one of the best games ever made. The game was developed by Sierra and Roberta Williams, who designed it based on her father, Kenneth E. Adelman’s book series about a character named King Arthur known as “The Once and Future King”.

King’s Quest 4 is a point-and-click adventure game that was released in 1990. The game can be played online for free, but there is no need to wait for the download.

King’s Quest 4


King's Quest 4 WalkthroughThe fourth episode of the King’s Quest series is King’s Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella. You are Rosella, King Graham’s daughter, and you have 24 hours to complete your goal.

King Graham falls on the floor just as Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella were ready to retrieve the adventurer’s hat! Rosella’s sole hope of saving him is to journey to Tamir and discover the mystical fruit that grants health and long life to those who consume it.

Ganesta, the good fairy queen, informs you that her talisman has been taken by the wicked witch Lolotte. Rosella’s sole hope of returning to Daventry is to rescue The Talisman is a magical item. from the wicked witch.

Walkthrough for King’s Quest 4

You start your journey by the sea. You should observe a robin attempting to take out a worm if you go east for two screens. Get the worm by walking near to the robin to frighten it away. For the time being, don’t be concerned if the robin isn’t present. You’ll have another opportunity to discover it later (Or walk east another two screens now to find the robin).

A lovely pool may be found to the south. Keep your eyes peeled for Cupid’s arrival. Keep an eye on him as he puts down his bow and arrows and goes for a swim. You may frighten him away by walking close to the bow. Please take a bow.

To get to the river’s tiny bridge, go north twice. A golden ball may be found beneath the bridge. Return north to a pond with a lilypad and a frog. Toss the ball into the pond. You can count on the frog to dive down and collect it for you. Frog should be picked up and kissed. The frog will transform into a less-than-appealing prince. At the very least, he offers you a little golden crown. Before you depart, grab the ball as well.

Enter the cemetery from the east. Some of the tombstones are visible here, but we’ll return when it’s dark. Go south and open the entrance to the tree home. It’s a shambles in here, so tidy up. The dwarfs will come home and cause more havoc. When they depart for work, tidy up once again before returning to the table. Take the purse and peek inside for several jewels.

Exit the building and go south. Enter the cave and go to the right until the tunnel’s conclusion, where you will find the dwarf. Give the dwarf the pouch. He’ll let you retain the bag and throw in a candle for good measure. Exit the cave and go eastward. If you haven’t located the robin yet, you may look for it here. Get the worm by scaring it away.

To get to the big house, walk twice to the north and open the door. There’s more to see and do in this house, but we only need to go to the room to the west.

Look at the books, take one, look at the artwork, look at the wall, and lift the lock to reveal a hidden chamber. Take the shovel after passing through the secret door.

Get out of the home. To get to the waterfall, go east to the crypt and then south to the crypt. You’ll be pushed back if you attempt to enter the waterfall. Wear the crown to turn into a frog! To get to the cave on the opposite side of the waterfall, swim beneath it.

Take the board and go to the next room to the east. After obtaining bone, return to the cave through the waterfall. To get to the castle, go south and then east up the trail. Lolotte’s thugs have arrived. Allow them to apprehend you and return you to the castle.

Catching the Unicorn is the first quest.

Lolotte will lock you up and invite you to join her on a special expedition to capture a unicorn. Four times to the west, to the location where the unicorn usually grazes Avoid getting too near. Instead, fire an arrow at the unicorn. Although the unicorn will fall in love with you, there is currently no way to ride it.

Take a walk north and speak with the minstrel. He can’t play the lute very well. Maybe he’d rather be an actor. Give the book to the minstrel, and he will return with his lute.

Pan, the satyr, may be seen walking north. He’s playing the flute, although it’s not his strongest instrument. Give Pan your lute, and he’ll trade it for his flute.

To get to the fisherman’s home, go north and west. Try to chat to the guy as you go west down the pier. He’ll ignore you for a while before getting up and walking back to his home. Return with him to his home. Open the door and attempt to chat to the guy again, then hand him the bag.

With all those gems, the guy no longer needs to fish, therefore he’ll hand over his fishing pole to you. Exit the home and go west to the pier’s end. Fish after baiting the pole with worms. You caught a fish, woohoo!

Now is a good moment to save your game if you haven’t done so lately.

Submerge yourself in the ocean and swim west until you reach Genesta’s Island. Make your way around the island until you come upon a peacock that has dropped a feather. Take a feather for example. You may tour the island and speak with Genesta if you like, but she can’t help you right now.

This is where you’ll save your game.

Return to the east coast of the ocean and swim about until a whale arrives. Allow it to engulf you. There isn’t much you can do if a shark arrives. Simply restart the game and wait for the whale to appear.

Take the bottle from within the whale, open it, and read the letter. Climb up the whale tongue’s center and then diagonally to the right. Use a feather to tickle the whale. If you’re not in the appropriate place, walk around a little and try again. You will be vomited out by the whale.

Toss fish to the pelican as you swim north to the island. A whistle will be blown. Take up the whistle. Look at the land from inside the boatwreck. A golden bridle will be found by Rosella! Whistle when standing on the beach. If a dolphin appears and offers you a ride, take it.

Look for the unicorn. It’ll be standing where you used Cupid’s arrow to tame it. Put a bridle on the unicorn, then ride it. You’ll be returned to Lolotte’s castle to complete another mission.

The Ogre’s Hen is the second quest.

Lolotte isn’t satisfied with simply a unicorn; she also wants the ogre’s hen. To locate the ogre’s residence, trek west twice and south once once the goons leave you off. Open the door and toss the bone to the dog. Take the axe and go upstairs.

Return to the basement and enter via the door under the stairs. Wait for the ogre to return and fall asleep while looking through the keyhole. When he’s sound sleeping, open the door, stroll up to the table, and take hen.

Leave the ogre home by opening the door. Unfortunately, the hen will rouse the ogre, who will pursue you. Run to the east if you want to get away. Swing the axe to frighten the trees away from you. Take the route up to Lolotte’s castle and accomplish the second quest by going north and then east.

Pandora’s Box is the third quest.

Lolotte is still irritated and demands that you take Pandora’s Box. Go west, south, then east after the thugs have dropped you off. Wait until one of the witches approaches you before entering the skull cave. By moving around the cauldron and then standing between the other two witches, you may avoid her. They’re casting an eye between them, as you’ll observe. Get your eye in the correct place at the right moment.

Return inside the cave after leaving it. The black scarab will be thrown at you by the witches. Get a scarab and toss it at the witches’ eyes. Get out of the cave.

Return three times south to the waterfall, wearing a crown. Dive into the cave under the waterfall. Turn on the lamp.

Walk as far east as you can and then as far south as you can for as many screens as you can. Take a short walk to the east. Place a plank across the chasm. If you aren’t near enough, get closer till you can lay the board on the ground.

To reach the cave’s exit, go across the board, north, and then east. Move to the water’s edge and leap over to grass tufts. Place the board on the final one, and a snake will emerge. To entice the snake, play the flute. Get fruit by walking across the board.

Return across the board, grab the board, and leap back across. Enter the cave, place a plank over the gap, and return to the waterfall.

To get to the cemetery, go north. While you hold the black scarab, the spirits can’t harm you here. To go to the haunted home, walk west and open the door. You’ll need to soothe a few ghosts before you can locate what you’re looking for.

Because a baby is wailing, go upstairs and enter the left-hand door. Have a stroll to the west and take a look at crib. It’s rocking, yet no one seems to be inside. Exit the home and proceed west to the cemetery, where you may read the gravestones until you locate one for a 6-month-old infant. Find a silver baby rattle by digging.

Return to the baby’s cot by heading east and entering the home. To soothe the baby’s spirit, place a rattle in the cot. You’ll witness another ghost if you return downstairs. Look at the ghost to realize that it is an elderly miser. Return to the cemetery to the west and look for a bag of gold money on a headstone that describes a miser. Enter the home from the east. To pacify the miser, give gold money to ghost.

You hear wailing upstairs once again. Return to the second floor and enter the correct bedroom this time. Look at ghost to see how lonely and forlorn she is. Leave the home and go to the west cemetery. Look through the gravestones until you come upon one of a lady who lost her love at sea. Find a locket by digging. Return to the bedroom and present the locket to Ghost.

Go downstairs to encounter a one-legged ghost. Look at the ghost to see whether he’s the house’s master. Return to the west cemetery and look for the gravestone of someone who has done a good job for their nation. Find a medal by digging. Return to the home and present the ghost with the medal.

A little boy ghost will materialize and ascend the stairs. Follow him into the right-hand bedroom. Climb the ladder to the attic and investigate the ghost. This time, walk to the cemetery to the east and look for a kid named Willy’s gravestone. Find a toy horse by digging. Return to the attic and present Ghost with the toy horse.

Now that all of the spirits have been exorcised, approach the chest, open it, and search inside for some sheet music.

Return to the entryway and go to the hidden chamber on the west side. Ascend the stairs and take a seat at the organ. When you play the sheet music, a hidden drawer will appear. Look in the drawer for the key. Get out of the home and head to the east cemetery.

Unlock the entrance to the crypt. Look for rope after that. The rope serves as a ladder. Climb down the stairwell. Get your hands on Pandora’s Box. If you want to see what occurs, just open the box. Before you begin, save the game. Exit the tomb by climbing the ladder. To get picked up by Lolotte’s thugs, go twice to the south and once to the east along the trail.

The Talisman is a magical item.

Lolotte has plans to marry you off to her son in the morning now that you’ve completed all of the tasks. Wait till Edgar arrives to present you with a rose. To locate a key, look at rose. Take the key. You are now able to unlock and open the door.

Downstairs, enter the dining room from the east. Go east via the topmost doorway into the kitchen. To locate all of your belongings, open the cabinet. Take everything.

Return to the dining room from the west and exit by the lower doorway to the east. You’ll be taken to the throne chamber if you do this. Take the east-facing steps all the way to the summit.

Unlock door, open door and look at Lolotte. She’s sleeping but if you try to take The Talisman is a magical item. she’ll wake up. You still have cupid’s arrows so shoot arrow at Lolotte. Edgar will come in but isn’t worried about what you’ve done. Take talisman.

Head west after descending one flight of steps. You’ll find the goods you found in your missions if you open the door to the right. Take the hen from Pandora’s box. Return to the east and descend the stairwell. To escape the castle, go west and south.

To release the unicorn free, enter the stable on the left side and unlock the gate. Follow the route all the way down to the valley below. Return to the crypt by walking north twice. To restore the Pandora’s box to its correct location, enter the crypt, down the staircase, and set the box down. Exit the tomb by climbing the ladder. Close the door and lock it.

Walk west five times and north once. Then go out along the pier to the west. Dive into the water and swim west to Ganesta’s island. Go south and then west. Open door and go inside. Climb up the stairs to to top and give Ganesta The Talisman is a magical item. to win the game!

Thank you for finishing King’s Quest IV!



Sierra On-Line released King’s Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella in 1988. It was the first PC game to accept sound cards instead of the conventional PC speaker, and it was created by Roberta Williams. Improved graphics, a day/night cycle, and mouse support are also included.

Gamers and critics alike praised King’s Quest 4, giving it a score of 80 to 90 out of 100. The Software Publishers Association named it the Best Adventure Game of 1988.

The “king’s quest 4 manual” is a game that was released in the year 1989. The game has been remade and rereleased multiple times, but the original release still remains one of the best games ever created.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Kings Quest 4 remake?

Will there be a new Kings Quest game?

A: We have no information about a new Kings Quest game.

Is Kings Quest 2015 a remake?

A: Yes, Kings Quest is a remake.

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