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The “doom 64 level 11 secrets” is a secret that can be found on the final level of Doom 64, The Bleeding. In this article I will tell you how to find it and what it does.

Level 10: The Bleeding

Return to Doom 64


The Bleeding (Level 10)


This is a difficult map to complete since there are seven secrets to discover and a slew of adversaries to contend with. Start by exiting one of the doors on the left or right and clearing both sides. A Secret will appear if you go to one side of the balcony area and return to the other.

Secret #1 with a Plasma Gun is on the north side, while Secret #2 with a Shotgun is on the south side, outside Secret #3 with a Berserk pack.

The middle will fill with Demons after you’ve cleared both balconies. The path down to the west will open up after you’ve slain all of them. Descend the stairs and enter the next building via the front entrance.

Steps will come up on both sides if the Imps are removed. Step forward and then back before pressing the Buttons on each side. Mega Armor will be revealed in Secret #4.


For Secret #5 using the Rocket Launcher, take the lift up and push the wall on the left side. Return to the elevator and push the Buttons on each side of the chamber to access the stairwells on either side of the short corridor.

Kill the Hell Knights and push the Button on the south-facing wall before descending to the courtyard. More foes will have generated, so clear them out and return to the beginning.

Go down and open the entrance to the building to the east now that the corridor to the east is open. To open the stairs on either side, press the Button on the left wall. After you’ve defeated the Lost Souls, go up the stairs on the left (north) side and unlock the carving on the wall for Secret #6 with an Energy Cell Pack.

Go down the next set of steps after going up the opposite set of stairs. To get to the Yellow Key, press the Yellow Button on the wall to lower the bars.


Continue to the Yellow Door and enter the enormous chamber with the river through it. Remove the Specters and go up the left-hand stairwell. Look at the carving on the right-hand wall and push on it. It is necessary for the eyes to open and shut. Return to the opposite side of the area and pick up the BFG. This is the seventh and last secret. Three Mancubus emerge behind you as you take it up.

Return to the top of the stairs and follow the river to the two Barons of Hell. Take them out and hit the wall button. Go up to the little alcove on the north side of the chamber using the teleporter. To return to the beginning room, press the button that raises up to pull up the Exit Buttons.

Return to the beginning of the level and push one of the Buttons to finish it.

Return to Level 9: Even Easier Terror Core is the next level.


“Level 15: The Bleeding” is a level in the game “Doom 64”. It is located on the map called “The Bleeding”, and it is the final level of Act 3. Reference: doom 64 level 15.

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