Suburbs is a game where players are put in the shoes of an everyday American citizen who has to decide what path they will take with their life. They face decisions about money, relationships, and cultural identity that affect everyone around them. The player’s decisions alter the outcome of Suburbia as it unfolds each turn.,

Level 16: Suburbs is the 19th level in the game “Doom 2.” It is a medium-sized map, and it has three secret areas. The player starts on a platform above two small pools of water, with a door to the north leading out of this area. There are also some stairs that lead down from the platform to a lower area.

Level 16: Suburbs

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Turn around and eliminate the Imps on the ledge starting from the beginning. Ascend the steps to the ledge and exit the right-hand window. Take out the Revenant, then sprint around the building to the opposite side to discover the Arch Vile. To easily kill him, use a BFG.

There are two structures in this inner courtyard. Open the wooden gate on the opposite side of the structure. Prepare the BFG and eliminate the Imps. Because some of them will teleport away, you’ll have to track them down.

Take the Cacodemon out of the building with the Imps. To raise one of the walls, press the Torch. To lower the little wall, press on it and stand on top of it. Shoot the face on the wall as it raises up to reveal Secret 1.


To lower the second little wall, press on it. To uncover Secret 2, repeat the process and fire through the little breach in the wall. There’s a MegaSphere on this one. To activate the secret, you must really descend down the step.

Once the inner courtyard is clean, exit to the north via the huge opening in the wall. Take out the Revenants on the stairs ahead, then climb to the top and empty the building. The Blue Door is here, but you must first get the key.

If you haven’t already, go around the rear of the building and take out the Mancubi on the platforms. One of them is keeping an eye on a Soul Sphere.

Make your way down to the south from here, clearing off the area as you go. An Arch Vile with Cacodemons may be found in one of the caves. The other features Mancubi and Revenants.

Take out the Imps on the island by heading to the south west. Ascend to the top and get the Blue Key. When you do, a swarm of foes will attack you.

Drop down quickly and proceed north to the left-hand second cavern. Start cleaning out the adversaries using the Invincibility Sphere. Many of them, hopefully, will fight amongst themselves.


Return to the building to the north once you’ve cleaned off the baddies. Grab the Red Key by passing through the Blue Door. Lower the inside wall by pressing the Skull Button. Return to the teleporter as quickly as possible. This will transport you to a platform equipped with Plasma Guns.

Before departing, make your way to the east to the square red structure. Shoot through the weird wall and open the door on the east side. It’s possible to walk right through it, but there are three Cacodemons within. After the Cacodemons have been defeated, go inside to Secret 3.

To lower a lift, press on the stone wall to the right. Remove the Revenant and take a seat on the elevator. Take out the second Revenant by working your way around the tops of the walls.


To lower the barriers, drop down to the blood pool and swiftly push the Skull Button. Enter the little chamber to find Secret 4 as well as a few more surprises.

Leave the building and go to the north-east corner structure. To lower the platform in the middle, press on it. When you press the next platform, it will also drop. The walls around the ledge above also collapse, exposing about a dozen Imps. Take them out with the BFG.


Raise the first platform to the top and then lower the second one. To lower the Red Pillar, press it down and exit via the Exit.

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The “doom 2 map 16 secrets” is a level in the game Doom II. In this level, there are many secrets that can be found by exploring.

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