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Level 8: Tricks and Traps

The “tricks and traps deck lor” is a level 8 of the game. It has a lot of tricks and traps that you must be careful with.

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Traps and gimmicks


You begin in a circle surrounded by eight doorways. To unlock two of them, you’ll need keys. To the left of the Red Door, open the door. This leads to a lengthy, narrow passage that contains a Cacodemon. Take it out and finish with the Chainsaw. A Baron of Hell will emerge from behind the wall. When you get near to it, it teleports behind you. Take down the Baron and then go to Secret 1 at the end of the passageway. Return to the circular area.

A chamber packed with Barons of Hell and a Cyberdemon may be found via the next door to the left. When you walk in, the door will automatically lock behind you. Keep silent in the rear, and the Barons will combat the Cyberdemon until it is defeated.


Pick up the Invincibility Sphere and finish off the remaining Barons as they turn around. Pick up the Yellow Skull at the rear of the room and press the Button to re-enter the chamber.

A chamber full with Imps may be found in the next area to the left. If you approach them, they will become aware of your presence and begin teleporting behind you. Only a small number of them will teleport at once, allowing you to employ the Super Shotgun to keep them at bay. When you’re finished, descend down into the pit and press the Button at the rear to reopen the circular room’s entrance. Near the edge of the pit, there’s an unseen teleporter that will teleport you back to the entrance.

For the time being, ignore the next door to the left (the door to the east); you’ll need the BFG for that chamber. Hundreds of Demons are up on a ledge next door to the left (northeast). If you proceed to the rear of the chamber to collect the goods, a set of stairs will emerge, releasing the Demons. Rather, slay the Demons first, then collect the treasure. As soon as the stairwell appears, climb to the top and press the Buttons. One of them walks to the rear of the room and unlocks a door. This leads to a hidden room, but a second door stands in the way.

Return to the circular area and exit via the left-hand door (north). There’s only one Shotgun Guy in this place. A dozen Cacodemons will spring from the walls if you kill him. Take them out in whichever manner you see fit, then dash to the rear of the room for a Plasma Gun and a Button. The Button unlocks the preceding room’s second door.

Return to the Demons’ chamber and continue to Secret 2. Up ahead, you’ll see a Soul Sphere. The walls will open up and Demons will pour out as you approach closer. To lessen the sound, use the Plasma Gun. To avoid being mobbed, I withdraw back to the tiny passageway. After you’ve gotten rid of them, fire the sign on the east wall. It’ll rise up, exposing a BFG below. To the north, clear the area. There are a couple Shotgun Guys and four or five ammo-filled backpacks.

There’s one more optional chamber where you may find the last four secrets. Enter the chamber to the east from the circular room. There are two teleporters, but the one in the middle is the one you desire. To expose a hidden teleporter, shoot the central wall to pull it up. Follow the instructions to be transported to Secret 4.


Drop down and shoot the faces on both sides of the center pillar as rapidly as possible. This allows Pain Elementals to appear around the room’s perimeter. Use the BFG a couple of times until all of them are dead.

Secrets 5 and 6 are little alcoves to the north and south, respectively. Drop into the hole to unlock the hidden door on the north side after killing the Specter in the water. This is the seventh secret. Grab the Radiation Suit and explore these few tunnels as soon as possible. When you’re finished, go through the teleporter.

Take the teleporter back to the central area and exit via the Yellow Door now that you have all of the secrets. Grab the Red Skull Key and dash to the room’s north-eastern corner. Imps and Barons will be released once walls fall. An Invincibility Sphere may be found to the north east. Clear out the Baron with the BFG and take the invincibility. You may now securely clear the remainder of the space.

Return to the circular chamber and enter the room via the Red Door. Although the road leads to the exit, standing on one of the platforms causes them to sink into the slime. To make it across, you’ll have to move rapidly. To escape the level, open the door on the opposite end, kill the Demon, and press the Button.

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This is a guide to the “doom ii level 11 secrets” in the game, “Doom II”. It includes various tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the BFG in tricks and traps?

A: The BFG is obtained by killing a certain type of enemy in the game. I am not sure what that specific enemy looks like, as it would be too difficult to identify them all on sight.

What is tricks and traps?

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