As gaming grows, so does our need for content. We have a new platform that promises to use blockchain technology and deliver items directly to the player’s account in exchange for completing quests or purchasing them with coins earned through laborious work.

Quests are a type of quest in games. They’re usually the first step for new players, and can be used to introduce them to the game’s mechanics. Types of quests include kill quests, fetch quests, and escort quests.


Returning to Forager

You’ll sometimes discover NPCs ready to chat to you when you purchase more territories. You’ll be given a mission or two to accomplish, and the prizes are typically well worth it. Most of the time, you’ll be handed a Big Chest to open, which has a possibility to drop a rare relic like the Nerdy Glasses for 20% extra XP or the Quiver, which allows you to shoot bows without arrows.

LandsBiome of Grass


Bottled Torchbug x 2 Reward: Druid Scroll x 2 Quest 1: (Druid Scrolls spawn trees on an island)

Tree Sapling x 30 (Quest 2) (You may make Tree Saplings in a Windmill.) 2 Small Chests as a reward

Dino Egg is the third quest (Use a Shovel on digging spots in the Biome of Fire to find a dino egg) Big Chest as a reward

Mother of the Fairies

Fairy Aura is the reward for completing the quest for 1000 gold (Gives passive health and energy regeneration)

LandsBiome of the Desert

Princess of the Desert (Ana Banana)

Flower x 40 Rewards: Ana’s Delight x 2 Quest 1: Flower x 40 (Animals and faeries spawn near you and drop more resources)

Pink Bow as a reward for Quest 2: Royal Clothing x 2 (Animals spawn more often and dump 25% more resources.)

Old Man

Golden Egg Quest Reward: Big Chest

Lands Biome of the Graveyard


Bones x 100 Quest Reward: Big Chest


Play his crazy trivia quiz for a chance to win a big chest.

LandsBiome of the Winter

Wizard of Ice

Talking to him starts a conflict between four wizards. Big Chest as a reward


Poop x 500 is the quest. (Spawn trees using a Druid Scroll, then change them all into animals with a Wizard Scroll.) Big Chest as a reward


Quest 1: Demon Horns x 2; Small Chest; Quest 2: Demon Horns x 2; Quest 3: Demon Horns x 2

Kapala is the second quest (Found in digging spots in the graveyard biome) Big Chest as a reward

LandsBiome of Fire


Cinderbloom x 20 Reward: Mandragora, Liquid Luck, and Wisdom Draught potions Quest 1: Cinderbloom x 20

Green Pigment x 20 Reward: Wizard Scroll x 2 and Sage Scroll x 2 Quest 2: Green Pigment x 20

Reward: Magic Scepter Quest 3: Crystal x 200 (You can fire rods without using up their charge)


Reward: Big Chest Quest: Royal Steel x 10

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Quests are a game that is played by the player. The player will have to complete quests in order to keep playing the game. It is an interesting way of making a game more fun and engaging for players. Reference: interesting quests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of quests?

A: There are two types of quests in Beat Saber, Adventure Quests and Daily Quests.
Adventure Quest is an extended journey where you solve puzzles to help a character complete their quest while advancing through the games story mode.
Daily Quest fills the player with full energy levels and refills health potions so they can continue playing without waiting for them to recharge on its own.
The daily quests reset every day but can be repeated as many times as you want throughout your run if that is what interests you!

What is your quest meaning?

A: My quest is to help you be a better person.

What is an example of a quest?

A: The quest is a kind of task that will have you collect items or complete certain tasks. Every day, in the downtime between rounds, youll see one appear on your map. It can be anything from finding new parts for your saber to training with another player at their location to helping someone clear out an annoying bug infestation theyve been dealing with.

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