The Wheel is a multiplayer game that has players compete in order to build the largest wheel. Players have one turn to spin their wheels, then another player takes over and spins until someone fails. There are three winning conditions: 1) being able to make it around an entire circle on a single coin 2) building all nine of your circles into a big ring 3) spinning longer than any other player.

The “spin the wheel” is a game that involves spinning a virtual wheel. The wheel has various prizes on it, with the most valuable prize being the jackpot.

The Wheel

Returning to Hand of Fate 2


The Wheel

The Knight of the Black has three mystery individuals imprisoned in his castle. You must enter the dream realm, liberate the prisoners, and fight the Knight of the Black. To go past the difficulties, you’ll need more Gold and Food.

Special Rules: Collect 50 Shards of Fate to set the Knights Prisoners free.

To get Shards of Fate, you must go up three sets of stairs while overcoming numerous tasks along the way. You must accomplish numerous gambits in order to finish the tasks. There are also challenges that need you to have a minimum quantity of Gold and Food in order to complete. To acquire all of the Shards, you’ll need a reserve of up to 25 Gold and perhaps 10+ Food, depending on how you spin the wheel. You may lose several encounters and still receive the Gold Token for this quest since there are more than 50 Shards.

This quest isn’t very tough, and you should have plenty of time to complete it. The use of equipment that aids in gambits will make your journey through this quest a little smoother.

The Knight of the Black gains a new buddy card each time you ascend a flight of stairs. The Knight of the Black will have less supporters to aid him in the final fight if you can discover the 50 Shards before climbing the third set of stairs. Once you’ve obtained the Shards, go to Fate’s Finale to face the Knight of the Black.

Knight of the Black


The Knight of the Black is much tougher than previous opponents and wears strong armor that you must Bash off before you can damage his health. He dual wields swords and can attack twice in short succession. Once you’ve defeated the Knight of the Black and all of his Allies the quest will be completed. If you managed to collect 50 Shards along the way you’ll receive the Gold Token for this quest.

Then there’s justice.

Hand of Fate 2 is a sequel to Hand of Fate.


The “spin the wheel app” is a game that has been around for a while. The goal of the game is to spin the wheel, and then guess what number it lands on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented the wheel?

A: It is unclear who invented the wheel, but there are a handful of stories and legends that point to it being created by different civilizations in different parts of the world. There are many versions as to how this invention came about; some say an ox or cow kicked over a pot on its side, others believe that people were originally building with wheels before they noticed their usefulness for moving things from place to place. In either case, we do know that the earliest depiction of the wheel was found in Syria around 8700 BC.

How the wheel was used in Mesopotamia?

A: The wheel was most likely invented in Mesopotamia as a way to make it easier for people who had heavy loads to transport.

What was the main purpose of the wheel?

A: The wheel is a tool for the user to change weapons.

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